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First Light Mission is always looking ahead to the future and trying to find new ways to grow our mission and better serve our guests and our community. Because of this focus on growth, it has become our goal to partner with sponsors in the community and have our operational costs completely underwritten each month so that our additional fundraising can go toward new initiatives.

Please read the sponsorship letter below from our Board of Directors.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Volunteers Organizing Shoe Donations

Letter to Potential Partners

First Light Mission looks much different today than it did even two short years ago. With the tremendous support of churches, partners, and many other individuals, FLM now provides shelter for an average of 20 individuals per day — nearly double the amount from just one year ago. We have moved into a permanent overnight location at the former Merit Learning Center, giving guests a more consistent overnight home during their stay. In addition, FLM has turned the Day Center into an overnight warming shelter during the cold winter months.

Even with these positive changes (and many others), there is much more work to be done. There are a number of projects in the works that FLM will announce in the coming months. In order to be able to adequately fund these projects, we are asking corporations, individuals, and organizations to partner with FLM by underwriting the costs of monthly operations. In this way, other much-needed fundraising can go directly toward upcoming projects that will continue to extend our impact.

It costs FLM $15,000 per month or $7,500 every two weeks to operate. Put another way, it costs $3,000 to house one family for a month or $750 per guest per month.

We are thrilled to announce that we have had five companies who generously agreed to underwrite one month each in 2019 thus far, giving FLM a great start towards our goal of completely underwriting 100 percent of our costs.

Would you, your family, your company, or your organization be willing to underwrite FLM’s overall costs for a month or two weeks or for a family for a period of time? Will you join us in our mission of supporting the homeless community and helping our guests to build better lives?

With appreciation for your support,
FLM Board of Directors


We began taking sponsors in January 2019.

Below is a list of past sponsors who generously offered their support to underwrite all or part of a month of FLM’s operating costs.

The Green House Village of Goshen Logo

January – The Green House Village of Goshen

Part of the Blue Diamond Communities family of companies, The Green House Village of Goshen is an innovative new model of skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation. GHV has 4 total homes with a maximum of 12 elders each and focuses on returning control, dignity, and a sense of well being to elders, their families, and direct care staff.

The Green House Village of Goshen is accepting applications. For more information, or to fill out an application, visit their website at the link above.

Thank you GHV for your generous support of our FLM initiatives!

RightWay Auto Logo

February – RightWay Auto

RightWay is the #1 rated used car dealership in Goshen, IN to get approved for a quality used vehicle regardless of your credit situation. They are conveniently located in Goshen on US-33 just south of Walmart.

Thank you RightWay for supporting FLM!

Wieland Designs Logo

March – Wieland Designs

Wieland Designs is a leader in the design, engineering, supply management, and manufacturing of high-quality furniture and transportation (airline and automotive) interiors. They are approaching their 40th year working with select, close customer relationships as a licensed engineering and manufacturing partner; as an OEM partner; and as a developer of select designer furniture brands.

Thank you so much, Wieland team, for your support of FLM!

Kelly Jae's Cafe Logo

June – Kelly Jae’s cafe

Kelly Jae’s Cafe was founded in 2008 by Kelly Jae Graff, who serves as Executive Chef. She and her passionate staff are committed to using as many locally sourced and seasonal ingredients as possible to create your special entrée selections. They offer an eclectic menu featuring a Spanish tapas concept with an Asian flair.

Thank you Kelly Jae’s for your generous support of FLM this month!

Nuway Construction Logo

October – Nuway Construction

Nuway has assembled a team with over 300 combined years of experience in architectural, engineering, and construction knowledge to design and build projects that represent the highest standard in quality and to build a customer base of truly satisfied customers.

Thank you to the entire Nuway team for their continued support of FLM. We appreciate it!


Whether you are a corporation, church, individual, or other organization, we welcome your partnership and thank you for the positive effect you are having on the lives of our guests.

Please fill out the form below so our team can get in touch with you regarding the proper level of sponsorship.

Thank you!

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Please indicate the level of sponsorship you and/or your organization are interested in. It costs First Light Mission $15,000 per month or $7,500 every two weeks to operate. Put another way, it costs $3,000 to house one family for a month or $750 per guest per month.
If you are an individual or unaffiliated with a company or organization, please leave this field blank.

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